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Hotelier with Multiple Locations Consolidates Invoicing and Improves Accessibility for All

When the Oliver family kicked off their hospitality division, Oliver Companies, they already had extensive experience in commercial property management. The company oversees construction projects on hotels across the country, including new locations for Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites hotels.

At A Glance

  • Oliver Companies manages multiple hotel sites, each managing its own invoices and payments.
  • The company turned to Centreviews to consolidate invoicing so that processes are streamlined.
  • Invoices are now captured and extracted by Centreviews, making them accessible to both general managers and internal AP employees.


Oliver Companies manages commercial real estate development, with hotels being built across a wide geographic range. As the company has grown, they’ve needed a more efficient way to process checks. The transactions had become so unwieldy, automation was necessary, especially since things were being handled by one person at the time.


With so many properties in so many different places, the team had difficulty consolidating everything. Each property generated its own ongoing paper trail that included invoices, bills, and other documents requiring approval. Oliver Companies needed a system that could pull everything together in one place, creating a one-stop shop for approvals and payments.

Solution: Centreviews

Working with Centreviews, Oliver Companies created a system where invoices are sent directly to Centreviews for input into the system. The general manager at each hotel can see and approve each payment. The invoice is then routed to the main office for approval and processing.


Centreviews replaced old paper-based processes that required multiple pieces of paper to flow through the business on a daily basis. Not only has this helped Oliver Companies become more environmentally-friendly, but the team is also much more efficient. With automation, approvers and team members can go to one location and manage all invoices. Even when a team member is on vacation, processes can continue to move smoothly, since employees can access information from a mobile device or laptop, wherever they are.

Prior to working with Centreviews, invoices often met delays, since they were processed at each individual hotel. API enters the invoices immediately upon receipt, reducing those delays and keeping Oliver Companies’ many vendors happy. This avoids the interruptions in service that can come from delayed invoice payments.

The transition is still in progress, as Oliver Companies is still finalizing contacting each of its suppliers to instruct them to mail bills to API, rather than to the individual hotels. As they finish up that part of the process, though, they’re also training each general manager on handling their part of approvals. The training has been going smoothly, with managers catching onto the new system quickly.

One of the biggest benefits of the new system is that it has streamlined things for the accounting team. Instead of trying to make sense of the invoices coming through the various sites every day, Centreviews allows them to view everything in one place. This has not only reduced headaches, but it has freed team members up to take on greater challenges.

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