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G&K Services’ Evolution into Full Automation of Accounts Payable

Founded in 1902, G&K Services provides branded uniforms and facility products for rent and purchase. Building strong and personal relationships with each customer to provide the right solution for them has been at the core of G&K Services’ values for more than a century. Based in Minnetonka, MN, G&K serves more than 170,000 customer locations from all industries across the U.S. and Canada.

At A Glance

  • G&K Services is focused on delivering customer satisfaction, not their back-office operations
  • IT resources were limited due to mainly being allocated to other customer facing business operations
  • Centreviews provided a comprehensive solution that could be implemented in phases to limit the IT resource requirements needed and to fit schedules when IT resources were available
  • G&K Services has been able to reduce its accounts payable staff by 25% with the use of Centreviews and improve capture of vendor discounts to 70%

Solution: The Centreviews’ Receivables Solution

G&K used Centreviews and embarked on an initiative that gradually replaced old manual paper-based processes with new, more efficient electronic processes. The first phase eliminated the need for workers to spend hours keying in stacks of paper invoices. Instead, the invoices are entered from an image into the Centreviews Document Management Solution.  The centralized document archive maintained on Centreviews enabled authorized individual access to instantly retrieve critical information to resolve issues or meet audit requirements.

The second phase that G&K added was the Payables Solution from the Centreviews Business Intelligence Suite. Through the use of Payables Solution workflow, G&K Services has been able to reduce its accounts payable workforce by 25 percent, resulting in a significant cost savings.

The new solution automated the more mundane processes of G&K and enabled them to put their resources into hiring more highly-skilled workers, whose knowledge can go to more important projects and tasks rather than data entry and routing. G&K’s accounting department has been so successful, that many of their employees have been promoted to lead other areas within the organization.