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Centreviews Payables Solution Assists High-End Fitness Club

Members of the high-end fitness club appreciate the chain’s focus on a luxury workout experience. From mahogany locker rooms to specialized spa treatments, each club focuses on an upscale environment that caters to each member. This attention to member experience took its toll on the back office, however.


This company has grown exponentially into a chain with yearly revenues in the millions and more than 120,000 members across the world, the fitness club needed a way to manage memberships and accounting processes. The company found accounts payable especially challenging, since the volumes were increasing with its rapid growth and high personnel turnover prevent it from being able maintain a consistent flow of processes.


They chose the Centreviews Business Intelligence Suite to handle its accounts payable functions. Since the chain was only interested in outsourcing a small part of its back-office operations, Centreviews was an ideal solution. The software company worked directly with management to craft a solution that met its needs. The result was a customized solution that helped bring consistency to the company throughout multiple personnel changes.