Automate Your Back Office Processes.

Centreviews uses bots to automate slow and costly back office processes resulting in increased productivity and an improved bottom line.

“My workers need to be able to access documents from anywhere.”

Instead of painstakingly piecing information together from multiple sources, organizations can use the Centreviews Bots to extract reports for board members, investors, management and auditors. Data can be exported to a CSV file for use with existing software. The fields are sortable to make it easier to organize data. With standard accrual reporting, an organization can have immediate access to information on their financial status, which speeds up decision making.

“We are missing early pay discounts as a result of the manual routing process is slow and we have no visibility into the invoices waiting for approval.”

Improve your visibility with the Centreviews Bots. Never miss an early pay discount again.

RPA allows your company to improve cash flow, quickly reduce costs for its operations and improves control of payment activities. Download Brochure
You aren’t alone. Read about common back office challenges and find out what you can do to solve them. Read Challenges
Get our Archive Link System Overview to see how the Centreviews platform works. Download PDF

Get Started Quickly

Easy integration with your existing systems, get up and running in weeks not months.

Right-sized & Scalable

Cloud-based, and modular. Pay for only the "bots" you need, and add more as you grow.

Unparalleled Security

State-of-the-art technology to protect your data. Encrypted end-to-end.

Best of all, Centreviews is a scalable solution. Start with only the bots you need.

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