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AR Automation

Many Accounts Receivable departments employ costly manual processes that lack sufficient business intelligence and process controls. By automating these process, the Centreviews Accounts Receivable Solution helps businesses improve productivity, reduce DSO, and increase profits.


Convenient eBilling and ePayment options to create, send, and track electronic invoices and payments along with support documentation. Provides intelligence on invoice opening and triggers resends, paper billing, phone calls or other dunning based on business rules.

Cash Application

Increased ACH payments with disjointed remittance create AR challenges. The Cash Application module enables customers to capture and match invoice with payment, and reconcile utilizing remittance automatically. Reduces cash application team workload to unmatched exceptions.

Deduction Management

Captures and links all invoice and support documents from multiple sources including pick lists, bill of lading, proof of delivery and photos. Instant access to these documents empowers AR teams for rapid chargeback research, dispute and collections.

Centreviews is solving problems like these every day…

"My workers need to be able to access documents from anywhere."
Because Centreviews is a cloud-based solution, it can be accessed from any compatible device, which frees employees to access documents from home or while traveling. For companies with multiple locations, all offices can now access the same documents instantly, reducing the need to fax or mail files from one office to another. Invoices can be automatically assigned to different locations and user roles, making it easier for each user to filter out the information that relates to his specific needs.
“I have thousands of files, but I can’t find anything.”
The Centreviews Receivables Solution organizes all invoices into one centralized searchable archive that provides the interface and links supporting documents to make it easy to locate and view the information you need.
“We have invoices missing supporting documentation (POD, BOL, PO, Packing Slip) thus creating a problem resolving a deduction due to the missing documentation.”
The Centreviews Receivables Solution links all related documents (POD, BOL, PO, Packing Slip, Invoice) together. You are informed immediately if there is a missing document. Approved users have instant access to the information they need when a customer has questions or a customer initiates a chargeback or some other type of deduction occurs.
“How do we protect our sensitive documents and information?”
Security is a serious issue for everyone in today’s environment and Centreviews deploys state-of-the art technology to keep our servers and customer data secure. Our data centers are located in SOC 1 Type II certified and tested environments. Organizations have the ability to restrict access to specific documents based on the users requirements and authorization. Documentations and audit trail cannot be removed or destroyed by users. The automated approval process through the work flow provides separation of control to eliminate fraud.
“Our stakeholders want insight into our operations. How can we provide actionable and informative reports?”
Instead of painstakingly piecing information together from multiple sources, organizations can use Centreviews Business Intelligent Suite of Solutions to extract reports for board members, investors, management and auditors. The data in Centreviews Business Intelligent Suite of Solutions can be exported to a CSV file for use with existing software. The fields are sortable to make it easier to organize data. With standard accrual reporting, an organization can have immediate access to information on their financial status, which speeds up decision making.
"My CFO tells me to speed up the cash application process now. How can I?"
Centreviews automates the reconciliation of remittance and invoices to speed up cash application. Centreviews captures remittance information coming in via email, EDI, and paper. Deduction information and debit memos are also captured. The remittance information is automatically matched to the invoice. If there is a mismatch it provides instant access to the associated deduction or debit memo information for resolution so the cash can be applied.

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Centreviews is a single, cloud-based and mobile-friendly platform that easily integrates with existing ERP systems.


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Centreviews uses state-of-the-art technology to protect customer data.