Improve Receivables

Link all supporting documents from orders and payments with their invoice

Simplify Reconciliation

Centreviews Receivables Solution speeds up cash application, increases productivity and reduces costs by linking all related documents together to minimize the time used to search for information.

Increase Cash Flow

Speed up cash application reconciliation and posting of customer payments with its automated matching process of invoices, credit memos and remittances.

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"Definitely improved the workflow, the time it took to approve an invoice, and eliminated paper."
- Brad Junker, CFO at Swiss Valley Farms

Deduction Management

By linking all related documents, Centreviews Receivables Solution makes managing deduction issues easier than ever. With more efficient deduction management, you will find yourself with higher profits and increased cash flow.

"By implementing Centreviews solution, PSGI was able to access their clients' key receivables documentation, significantly recover money and reduce their the dilution rate."
- Jeffrey Knopman, Principal at Profit Solutions Group, Inc.

We Solve Complex Problems

  1. "My workers need to be able to access documents from anywhere."

    • Accessible from any compatible device to retrieve documents from home or while traveling.
    • Give all offices access to the same documents instantly; quit faxing or mailing files.
    • Automatically assign invoices to different locations and user roles.
  2. "I have thousands of files, but I can't find anything."

    • Organize all invoices into a centralized, searchable archive.
    • Link supporting documents to make it easy to locate and view the information you need.

"We really needed to clean things up so that people weren't spending time with these mountains of credit memos. And we needed to shift from doing this mindless data entry to doing something that's more meaningful and work with impact."
- Joyce Gromada, Sales Administration Manager at Foley Wines

  1. "How do we protect our sensitive documents and information?"

    • State-of-the-art technology to keep servers and customer data secure.
    • Data centers are in SSAE 16 Type II certified and tested environments.
    • Organizations have the ability to restrict access to specific documents based on the user authorization.
    • Documentation and audit trail cannot be removed or destroyed by users.
    • Automated approval process through the workflow provides separation of control to eliminate fraud.
  2. "Our stakeholders want insight into our operations. How can we provide actionable and informative reports?"

    • Extract reports for board members, investors, management, and auditors.
    • Export the data to a CSV file and fields are sortable to make it easier to organize data.
    • Standard accrual reporting, providing immediate access to information on financial status, speeding up decision making.
  3. "My CFO tells me to speed up the cash application process now. How can I?"

    • Automate the reconciliation of remittance and invoices to speed up cash application.
    • Capture remittance information coming in via email, EDI, paper, deduction information, and debit memos.
    • Remittance information is automatically matched to the invoice.
    • Mismatches provide instant access to associated deduction or debit memo information for resolution so cash can be applied.