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Robotic Process Automation

What could you achieve if you eliminated tedious, repetitive processes? Our bots automate your processes to create efficiencies so your staff can work on more complex jobs. Meet the bots >

Accounts Payable

What if you could speed up your invoicing process and have complete visibility? Centreviews uses bots to automate slow and costly processes resulting in improved productivity and a healthy See how it works >

Accounts Receivable

Is your DSO a problem? Our bots automate slow and costly manual processes resulting in reduced days outstanding averages and increased profits. Best of all, our scalable approach allows you to pay for only the bots you need. Get Started!

  • Archive: Provides instant access to archived information and related documents
  • Cash App: Captures remittance information to match payments to invoices to apply cash
  • Bill Presentment: Creates invoice with option to link support documents
  • Capture: Captures and extracts data
  • PO Matching: Matches PO, invoice, and receiving
  • Factor: Automates presentment of receivable and supporting documents for financing
  • Deduction: Provides access to information needed to resolve deductions
  • Open Invoice: Automates process to retrieve open invoices from customer website
  • Workflow: Executes customer-defined business rules and processes
  • Payment: Automates and issues payments using various payment methods

We help businesses become more efficient and profitable through automated AR & AP workflows. Offered as a SaaS or a turnkey solution.

Get Started Quickly

Easy integration with your existing systems, get up and running in weeks not months.

Right-sized & Scalable

Cloud-based, and modular. Pay for only the "bots" you need, and add more as you grow.

Unparalleled Security

State-of-the-art technology to protect your data. Encrypted end-to-end.

Meet Bailey.

Our superhero bot that will make your work life easier

Keeper of our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bot farm offerings

Communicates between you, our bot managers, the bots and your systems

See how our bots can work for you.

With just a few basic details about your business we can recommend what bots could augment your staff and processes to make a big impact on your bottom line.

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