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Visibility and every level to link all documents in a cloud-based system.

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Document Management

Many companies waste time every day looking for critical documents. Centreviews helps businesses improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase profits by linking all important documents in a centralized, cloud-based system.

Centralized Archive

All documents accessible and easy to find whenever needed.

Increased Visibility

Instant access to documents, 24/7.

Controlled Access

Users that need access to vital information will be the only ones who can.

Centreviews is solving problems like these every day…

"My workers need to be able to access documents from anywhere."
Because Centreviews is a cloud-based solution, it can be accessed from any compatible device, which frees employees to access documents from home or while traveling. For companies with multiple locations, all offices can now access the same documents instantly, reducing the need to fax or mail files from one office to another. Invoices can be automatically assigned to different locations and user roles, making it easier for each user to filter out the information that relates to his specific needs.
“How do we protect the sensitive information and our documents?”
Security is a serious issue for everyone in today’s environment and Centreviews deploys state-of-the art technology to keep our servers and customer data secure. Our data centers are located in SOC 1 Type II certified and tested environments. Organizations have the ability to restrict access to specific documents based on the users requirements and authorization. Documentations and audit trail cannot be removed or destroyed by users. The automated approval process through the work flow provides separation of control to eliminate fraud.
“Our stakeholders want insight into our operations. How can we provide actionable and informative reports?”
Instead of painstakingly piecing information together from multiple sources, organizations can use Centreviews Business Intelligent Suite of Solutions to extract reports for board members, investors, management and auditors. The data in Centreviews Business Intelligent Suite of Solutions can be exported to a CSV file for use with existing software. The fields are sortable to make it easier to organize data. With standard accrual reporting, an organization can have immediate access to information on their financial status, which speeds up decision making.
"My Human Resources employees have always had trouble retrieving HR documents from the thousands of records we store"
With Centreviews Document Management Solution, Human Resources documents are stored in one central location that houses all supporting documents that are associated to an employee. Searching for hard to find documents is made easy with wildcard searching capabilities. Once documents have been retrieved they can be emailed, faxed or printed. Documents are accessible from our cloud-based network anytime and anywhere the user has an internet connection. Find out more by reading our informative brochure on the Centreviews Human Resources Document Solution.

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Our Document Management Solution offers your company an innovative approach to help customers obtain business intelligence, improve controls and reduce cost.

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Save costs and improve efficiencies by automating your document management process with Centreviews


Centreviews is a single, cloud-based and mobile-friendly platform that easily integrates with existing ERP systems.


Since Centreviews is a cloud-based platform it’s scalable and grows when you do.


Centreviews uses state-of-the-art technology to protect customer data.